City of Nuevo Laredo

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!“Niños Del Barrio Foundation’s mission is to lift residents of Nuevo Laredo out of extreme poverty by funding integrated community development projects, including water, sanitation, education, and health.”

A brief Overview about Nuevo Laredo


Nuevo Laredo is a city located in the Municipality of Nuevo Laredo in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, mexico. The city lies on the banks of the Rio Grande, across from the United States city of Laredo, Texas. The 2010 census population of the city was 373,725.[1] Nuevo Laredo is part of the Laredo-Nuevo Laredo Metropolitan Area with a total population of 636,516. The municipality has an area of 1,334.02 km² (515.07 sq mi). Both the city and the municipality rank as the third largest in the state.

The city is connected to Laredo, Texas, across the Rio Grande (Rio Bravo) river by three international bridges and a rail bridge. The city is both larger and younger than its U.S. counterpart. It is the largest inland port in Mexico, just as its counterpart across the border is the busiest inland port (bridge crossing) in the United States. As an indication of its economic importance, one of Mexico’s banderas monumentales is located in the city.

To fund community development in the city of nuevo laredo tamaulipaz, mexico.

Projects include building homes, improving housing, bringing in clean running water and sanitation, funds are also going toward funding supplies for education and Youth empowerment programs, food & medical support.

To improve living conditions and provide opportunities, to secure a promising future.